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Finding God in a dead car battery

My in-laws had just rolled into town.  They had a tiring flight, too many delays and layovers, but they were finally here.  After a great night sleep, they were anxious to start their vacation time in sunny Florida.  So my father-in-law and I hop into the family mini-van to run a few errands.  Click click click.  Click click click. Click click click click click silence.  The car won’t start.  We do what any two seasoned men would do, we lift the hood and stare into a maze of wires, tubes and motor parts.  I locate the battery, buried in a corner underneath some large bar that appears to give support to the front of the car.  After whipping my old truck around into position, we jump start the car with’s the battery.  The rest of the story is fairly uneventful, except the part of trying to get the battery out, but I will leave that for another time.  In a short amount of time, the battery is replaced and we are humming along.

I began to think all the places my wife and kids ha…