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If he only knew what was about to happen

Fourteen of us gathered together on Easter Sunday to celebrate a meal together.  The big screen TV was locked onto basketball and the men of the room fixed their gazes to Duke vs. Louisville.  Little did Kevin Ware know (basketball player for Louisville) that his life was about to be turned upside down.  It’s not unusual to hear an uproar from my family as they watch sporting events, but the sudden cries that reverberated through the house alerted everyone that something horrific had just been witnessed.  Without warning, Kevin Ware leaped to block a shot, came down on his leg wrong and it snapped.  It was difficult to watch.  The other members of the family came running in wanting to know what happened.  With the new age of TV, it was easy to rewind the live event and relive the horrific injury. 

The comment that stood out to me as we fixed our eyes on jersey #5 was, “if he only knew what was about to happen in the next 5 seconds”.   Wow, that hit me right between the eyes.  We don’…