Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Muffler that Makes Sounds

It's amazing the simple pleasures of life.  What brings you joy?  A great cup of java, reuniting with old friends, unexpected savings on a purchase.  Oddly enough, my joy came at the low low price of $10 and a landfill.  Let me explain, we recently moved into a new house and they left behind a washer that didn't wash and a dryer that didn't dry and a dishwasher...well you get the idea.  Locally, I was able to take the appliances to the landfill for the rock bottom price of $10.  After living in Toronto for 6 years, the land of recycle and pro-active environment protection, I have to confess that taking a truck load of junk to the landfill felt a bit weird.  But clearing out my garage and starting fresh actually felt great.  I drove away exhilarated...the simple pleasures of life.

I found that I had a few extra minutes before work so I jetted over to the Post Office.  Just as I was pulling in, I began to hear this awful noise.  I quickly realized it was emanating from my 17 year old truck.  I pulled over and decided to ignore the noise and run into the Post Office to beat the other 7 people pulling into the parking lot behind me.  The line was 20 people deep and my 10 extra minutes look very small.  Fortunately, a new automated stamp machine in the lobby allowed me to bypass the the long line to get back to that hideous noise.  As I approach my truck, I found my tailpipe dragging on the ground...thus the noise.  I rip off the dragging pipe and hop into the truck.  All of the sudden I start laughing uncontrollably.  The simple pleasures of life...a clean garage, bypassing a long line at the Post Office and a car problem that can be corrected (ever so temporarily) with a swift yank.

What's the deep theological application here?  There isn't one per se'.  It's a simple life living by the grace of God, yielded to His Spirit, and eyes fortunate enough to see and experience the simple pleasures of life.   In everything, give thanks. 

Thanks God.

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